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About Mesler's Service Station Morris County NJ - Image First opening its doors in 1960, Mesler's Service Station started out as an auto repair center and a gas station, by the name Mesler's American. Around that time, Route 287 was in the process of being built and Mr. Mesler decided to develop the towing end of his business. At first, Mesler's service station just had a wheel lift, before gradually moving up to a flat bed and then onto heavy duty towing. Mesler used to tow cars and trucks to local auto body shops until one day he had an "ah-ha!" moment, and realized that he could expand his business repertoire and do the repairs himself. Mesler wanted to share the company with his two sons, so when they were old enough, he incorporated them into the Mesler's Service Station business. Today, his eldest son Fred is manager of the auto body shop and his youngest son Harold is manager of the towing and truck repair services. Together, the family works to deliver the highest quality automotive repair and towing services in NJ.

Mesler's Service Station is located in Morristown, adjacent to Route 287, 24 & 80 and at the end of Ridgedale Avenue, with close proximity to the town train station. If you would like to drop by or give us a call for more information, you can reach us at 973-267-4515. We look forward to hearing from you!